Natural Alingment and the Law of Attraction – How to Get What You Want With Minimal Effort

I used to do competitive shooting some years ago, and the number one thing I asked myself during the aiming process was this:

Is it easy to take this shot? Can I take the shot with no effort at all? 

When I took easy shots I would score between 98 and 99 percent on my targets the majority of the time. Sometimes if my sights were off I wouldn’t shoot as well but I always made sure I was relaxed, focused and intentional at the same time. Usually I shot well. 

Now let’s talk about how natural alignment  works with the law of attraction.

We have to align 3 things about our being into to achieve our goal.

The holy trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can be correlated with the following. 

The Father of our success is THOUGHT!

The Holy Spirit of success is EMOTION!

The Son of success is INSPIRED ACTION!

When you are naturally aligned in thought, emotion, and action – you will prevail.

The way to align in thought isn’t to think harder, it’s to tune in and start thinking about “what you really want.”

Chances are excellent you are already doing this part – maybe unconsciously though. 

Don’t ask how it will come about – this will sabotage the attraction process – your job is to think about why you want it, and think about your goal as if you are in the point in time where you already have it! 

This doesn’t mean lying to yourself.

I know I’m not a billionaire yet, but if I FEEL like I already am one – I will LEARN and THINK like one as time goes on! 

This is why it’s so important to have the EMOTION of already having accomplished the goal. 

You can reach this state by feeling GRATEFUL.

And the more greateful you feel, the more you will have to be grateful for. 

In acting take action that is inspired, follow ideas, hunches, and coinicdences. 

And let your creation unfold as you remain committed to making your most inspired dreams come true! 

Angus Baynham-McColl


Notes From Angus On Following the Law of Non-Action

Sometimes in doing nothing, the universe has the space to answer the prayer for our greatest desire to be realized! 

If there is a need for something to manifest in your life, it will manifest – you don’t need to act unless you are inspired to act. 

Try and organize your life so that you only act from a place of effort that inspires you, there is no sense working towards a goal that is no longer inspiring. 

Sometimes the process can be challenging, and you may feel discouraged when you know you must persist, but that voice of persistence is a voice that derives from inspiration. 

So NEVER GIVE UP as long as the ultimate goal inspires you. 

But also accept that it’s not the goal you want, but the feeling you derive from the goal that you want. 

So part of your work is to embody the feeling of having already achieved the goal. Meanwhile you are doing your part and allowing God to do his part. 

When you have the inner feeling of the goal being accomplished already, you will have infinite patience because you aren’t working from a place of dissatisfaction. 

With Gratitude in your step, allow your heart to lead the way!

Angus Baynham-McColl

What Joe Montana Said About Winning Super Bowls

Joe Montana is one of the greatest athletes of all time!

Here is what he said on winning Super Bowls:

“Recently after I delivered a speech, someone in the audience asked me how old I was when I won my first Super Bowl.

“12 years old, and I’ve won a thousand of them since. All but 4 of them,” I explained, ‘took place in our backyard in my hometown of Monongahela, Pennsylvania, a few miles down the road from Pittsburgh.”

In his own backyard he rehearsed winning the super bowl thousands of times!

A Sens Synchronicity that Happened On My Birthday (Jan 2 2012)

On January 2 2012 I was turning 18 years old! 

My buddy Chris was taking me to the game to celebrate, but before that he gave me an authentic Daniel Alfredsson jersey. 

During the game the Ottawa Senators had a good start and the score was 0-0 after 1 period.

In the 2nd period the Devils scored twice and lead 2-0 after 2.

In the third Jason Spezza and Erik Condra scored and it was 2-2 and off to overtime.

Alfie had 400 career goals coming into the overtime, so I picked him to score the winner!

Late in OT the Sens got a 4 on 3 advantage and Daniel Alfredsson scored the GWG 4:01 into overtime and that was goal number 401 of his career!

Not a bad way to witness my first game wearing his jersey! 

Goal Achievement – You Might Be Off Track 90% of the Time

The most important thing about goal achievement isn’t “how” you get there, what matters is that you do get there!

Whenever you are setting a worthwhile goal make sure you begin with:

Your Deep Underlying Why

Be like the Warren Buffett of goal setting – know exactly why you are setting it and ask yourself the following question;

Will this goal have any relevance to my happiness, success and purpose in ten years time?

If it doesn’t throw the goal in the garbage, there is no point setting serious goals if they are not END goals for the next 10 years or MEANS goals for the next ten years. 

Now what about short term goals or day to day goals? 

To that I say only if it has relevance in ten years, invest in your health, wealth, relationships, and happiness. And with every decision you make on a daily basis that you can think of, ask; will this payoff in ten years?

You don’t have to be perfect, it’s OK to be average and have the odd party, but if you want to live like nobody else will, you must be disciplined enough to live like nobody else can. 

With a strong enough life purpose that you know will be your life purpose in ten years or more – you will have no shortage of motivation to make EVERY DECISION MATTER!

Find a life purpose that you will KNOW will remain EXACTLY the same for 10 years or more! 

Begin With The End In Mind

I want to spend the first half of my life earning MASSIVE wealth so I can give it away in the second half of my life. 

My middle point is reaching age 50 as a BILLIONAIRE!

My greatest motivation is to solve problems as I see fit with my Billion dollars and I will achieve this goal by following my life purpose, and my life purpose is:

“To educate myself and pass on the wisdom I’ve gained so those I’ve taught enjoy a glorious physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life!”

With my life purpose in mind I’m consistently seeing myself making a MASSIVE difference with the billions of dollars I have in my imagination, even though the billion hasn’t manifested yet I can see it clearly in my minds eye. 

I see myself being recognized for my contribution, maybe more importantly I am thanked for my contributions. 

But I still have almost 27 years to get there, and I need to begin to treat every day like its gold because I only have so many days. 

I Have My Work Cut Out For Me

Here are some goals that are should’s for myself the 23 year old Angus right now:

  • Write a law of attraction book
  • Start public speaking 
  • Work with more coaching clients 
  • Write my autobiography 
  • Write an “Angus Baynham-McColl” book of quotes
  • Meditate 15 minutes a day
  • Drink only water

Here are my MUST goals right now:

  • Get exactly 8 hours of sleep a night by going to bed from 11-7 on average
  • Go to the gym 5 days a week and work on upper body at least 3 times and lower body 2 times, train abs daily and forearms daily
  • Walk for at least 2 hours a day
  • Eat a salad daily
  • Pay 200 per month towards my debt

This shows I have to keep the keystone foundational goals that I have, because they will serve me well going forward in 10 years but I need to add some life purpose goals in there.

One such goal I’m about to undertake is to follow in the footsteps of Steve pavlina and embody a subjective reality mindset to empower myself with a new perspective.  

Bottom line is I know what I will look like in 27 years, now I just have to accept that I’ll be off course 90 percent of the time. Planes are also off course that often, all you do is simple, readjust.

Angus Baynham-McColl

Feel Good and Good Things Happen! 

Here’s an analogy for you. 

The lens between your face and your life is your emotional state. 

The frame between your face and your life are your thought patterns and beliefs. 

We don’t see reality through the frame – we see through the lens – therefore our emotional state is paramount to how we function. 

If you feel like shit you will get shit. 

If you feel great you will get great. 

If you feel a bit of both, you will get a bit of both. 

My bottom line takeaway here is not to try to worry about how to get what you want, but to learn how to feel good on the inside so that good things will happen.

This means manifesting a good ego, confidence, self-esteem and awareness along with the delayed gratification that can only come with discipline. 

We all have feel good points, don’t spend them all in one place – be disciplined today and save them up for tomorrow! 

The more you feel good the better your winning streak will be!

Angus Baynham-McColl

You Don’t Exist

What if I told you that your identity is a lie, and that there is no such thing as you?

What if the fake “I” told the conscious “IAM” that “I’m only an ego, I’m only a story and that life is merely a movie!”

What if I told you that you are nothing more than a story in your own head.

Without that story you are either nothing, or you are everything that consciousness touches. 

One thing that’s known for sure, is that enlightened consciousness is present in the here and now because consciousness is conscious that Angus Baynham-McColl is just part of the great story made up by consciousness. 

I’m nobody in this movie, just a spectator looking through the mind of Angus. I’m so into this movie I spend time thinking I exist in this movie as Angus, but I’m not Angus if I realize this:

I’m observing through Angus. 

My body is just something operated by a higher universal force (just like your body) and my true self is the consciousness watching it. 

I’m watching a movie, Angus is the main Character, God is the Director, and I’m the spectator.

What is your point of view in the movie?

Who is your favourite character?

Who are the heroes of your life, -and the villains?

When you pray to the director that your part goes your way does the director always answer?

Does coincidence guide your life?

What are the highlights of the movie you are watching? 

Did you know your in the movie so you can feel emotions and learn lessons. 

Life on movie Earth is the ultimate education and thrill ride. 

When you die you watch another movie from another characters point of view. But between those lives you get to watch your own life and decide what your next movie to watch will be. 

It’s interesting to know that we exist, but creation is self creating, we are the observers – the people are the actors. 

Angus Baynham-McColl

Holding Thought Towards a Desire for 68 Seconds In a Row Will Begin The Manifestation Process 

In order to get the universe to manifest a thought on your behalf, you must be able to focus on that thought for at least 68 seconds before it creates self sustaining momentum. 

After 68 seconds of uninterrupted thought, you will begin to emotionalize your desire and summon it’s manifestation from the universal mind. 

You are 68 seconds away from altering the trajectory of your life! 

Some of Warren Buffett’s Best Investment Advice I Have Heard so Far

Warren Buffett has a net worth of $74 Billion last time I checked, and he is a long term investor. This means that he prefers to buy and hold stocks rather than trade the stocks.

Warren Buffett said he “buys a stock with the assumption that the market could close for ten years.” 

This philosophy is the equivalent of marrying a low amount of businesses rather than taking a bunch of one night stands with hot stocks.
So once I have some money saved up to invest, I plan on investing with the Warren Buffet Philosophy.

Only buy businesses that you know will be successful, because as Buffett says, there are 2 rules. 1, Never lose money and 2, never forget rule number 1.

Also, buy a share as if your are buying the business and will own it for 50 years. If you aren’t sure about how good a business is or don’t know enough about its long term competitive advantage don’t invest.

If I had ten thousand bucks to invest I would buy all my shares in Coca Cola the moment their stock price hit a low. This would happen during a recession while everyone is panicking.  

Then I would hold onto it for 50 years. 

Angus Baynham-McColl 

The Number One Mistake People Make When Using the Law of Attraction

The number one mistake that people make when using the law of attraction is this;

They think, visualize and affirm what they want, but there is no feeling of strong emotion that comes from the visualizations or affirmations.

This is not a good thing because without emotion, the universe is not energetically linked to your intent.

You as the conscious mind read your intentions based on thought form.

But the universe recognizes your intentions by emotional essence! 

Therefore if your visualizations don’t produce strong emotions the universe won’t change to make your desire a reality.

Emotion gets the universe moving! 

To manifest you must align:

  • Thought 
  • Emotion
  • Action

Thought means repeating thinking about your desire until you FEEL the corresponding emotion. 

Action means taking real physical steps towards your goal as ideas and emotional urges come up to act on your intention.

When thought, emotion, and action line up you will be joyful as you manifest!