A Day in the Life of Angus Baynham-McColl

Wednesday April 19 2017,

I wake up at 4 am on Wednesdays to attend my Creative Heart group which is a group of 7 amazing entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a massive difference in other people’s lives.

I start my day by “listening to music for ideas.”

This means I walk around my house and listen to my favorite music and just think.

It’s awesome to have such good music available on ITunes Radio for 10 bucks a month. After I walk around my house for an hour to absorb ideas it’s 5 AM and I eat my morning meal and usually I just have a few hot dogs for breakfast. They are cheap, easy to make and fill me up so I feel full before my group. I don’t even sit at the table I just eat over the counter because I don’t like to waste time.

Sometimes I do even more thinking on Wednesday until 6, I think about the other group members and how I can be of assistance. I learn a tremendous deal from the Creative Heart group that my Personal Development Coach puts together.

At 6 I get in the shower and get ready to leave, by 630 I’m out the door and I walk to the Wild Oat on Bank Street which is where we hold the group.

No later than 715 I arrive at the group and I meet my Friend Brian who coaches me and runs the group and when he asks me how I’m doing my reply is always; “BETTER THEN EVER!”

I think it’s important to say I’m doing better than ever because it sets the tone for life to constantly improve.

By 730 all 7 members of the group are prepared and ready to go.

For those of you who don’t know what Creative Heart is, it’s a Mastermind group and we call our group the Creative Heart because we are all heart centered entrepreneurs. And when we share ideas and give feedback to one another, we end up CO-CREATING something really special for the whole group. It’s an honor to be a part of it and learn from my peers/ mentors in the group while I see how we serve one another and challenge each other.

One of my friends in the group was talking about the constant difficulty to get tasks done, which is something a lot of people struggle with at times (myself included.) So I watched as we addressed his challenge and in this case I didn’t have too much to say, but one of my best assets is my ability to listen, reflect later and give my feedback outside the group sometimes. I like to allow the other 6 members do most of the talking, as I only like to share when I’m very certain about the value of my idea. Sometimes I will be the catalyst for the 10 minutes we dedicate to whom we are focusing on. I will be the catalyst by asking a thought provoking question or two, and then the group takes the ball and runs with that. After I start the direction of the conversation I like to just be observant, and listen and learn from the rest of the group’s experience.

Another friend in the group was looking for a subtitle for his amazing book and he had a few in mind so we helped him out by collectively coming to the idea of making a poll online to decide which subtitle sounds best. We all know the book will be massively successful anyway, so we encourage him not to worry too much and just decide.

Our next friend was talking about her struggle to say no to other people and getting caught in the all too common trap of people pleasing and having a hard time saying NO. A few years ago I had the same struggle and I rose above it by realizing “I’m not responsible for the way other people feel.” I shared this with her because I feel it’s important to be free and know that we aren’t responsible for the way other people feel. It’s really important to just have limits and say no when you have to. The fact is people will get over it.

Another friend talked about publishing spiritual poetry in a book (from other people) and having a contest with incentives to get people to enter. The best poetry would win $250, followed by $100 and $50. This is a really good way to motivate people to contribute. He also mentioned using Facebook sharing to get the word out for the contest. I think it will go really well.

Next we have friend who was setting massive goals and falling short of them. I think this sometimes happens when we try and do too much too soon. But I asked him “Do you do visualization, affirmations, or scripting.” He responded by saying he does a tremendous deal of law of attraction work. And as a manifestation coach I wonder why it’s not paying as many dividends as he wants for himself. Another member of the group said that “visioning long range goals is great to motivate, but results come from the process.” Therefore it’s important to visualize the process AND the result. Another member said a boxer would visualize all sorts of scenarios that happen in match and not just the celebration of victory. This talk is very helpful and I’m glad I was the catalyst that set the tone for the discussion.

Next it’s my turn to be the focus for ten minutes.

I talk about my first coaching client that I’m going to see at 1230 and how I want to feel coming away from that session. I also talk about how I’m the kind of entrepreneur that needs a regimented life to be successful. My feeling is that without structure I don’t act on my motivation. When I know when, I begin to know how. WHEN is the biggest factor for my Success. So I came to the conclusion that I MUST make a very structured schedule.

One of my friends from the group helps me get clear on what I want to be feeling as I leave the session. I say I want to feel like I’ve made a massive difference. Another friend asks me, how will you find more people to be accountable to, and I said I want more clients to answer to in order to be motivated.

The final friend in the group addressed the thing that stops a lot of people and that’s thinking we don’t have enough to offer to get started. We helped her realize she has plenty to offer as an entrepreneur and I said “Don’t worry about false prerequisites.” She left feeling very good because she knows she must get started.

At 9 after the group was over my friend Brian and I started a coaching session with the focus of helping me add more structure to my life so I am more productive and feel better about my creative output. We walked and discussed the theme of getting up early and off to a better start. So we put a schedule in where I would get up at 7 and call him at 715 daily so I can be in a position to hit the ground running. By 10 every day I’m at the Whole Foods cafeteria working on my blog for 3 solid hours. From 1-5 I’m either working at my day job or I’m coaching. At night I can work out, play hockey, walk or just have fun – each evening will look a little different on the schedule. But from 10-130 or so I’m at my office doing writing or reading.

The coaching session was successful, and I got the structure I needed.

I then went home and ate, and got to Bridgehead to meet my client at 12:30.

We then went to Subway and he bought me lunch which was really generous of him, I appreciate it when people are nice and go the extra mile like that.

At the table we talked about some challenges he was having, namely time management, getting in the gym, saying no to things that are a waste of time, eliminating distractions and saving money. He said during the talk he was feeling more motivated and that he wants to open his car cleaning company. He offers me a partnership in his business and I accept. He wants me to do website design and help clean the cars. My client and I are now business partners.

We walk back to his place and discuss how we are going to get started and agree that the website and business cards are part of the first order of business since we already have all the other tools for the job.

I tell him to design and lay out what my exact role is going to be, because he is the CEO and I’m the 2nd in command of the business. So I will follow his lead and execute the way he envisions.

I said at my group that I need to work with people to be successful and I set that intent a while back that I work with people.

Then this business opportunity arrives!

I’m now in my own business as a coach, and I’m helping run a car cleaning company. Also, I have a small day job on Monday and Thursday. So I have a good number of potential income sources.

After this meeting I head to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre to participate in my public speaking course. This is my second year in the course and I’m one of the seasoned veterans at public speaking.

I show up 30 minutes late to my course as the business meeting went longer then I had planned, but I let them know and it’s not a problem.

In the group it was the 1st session so we all defined why we were at the group and what we are looking to get out of it. I said, I’m looking to become a motivational speaker, and gain speaking deals. I believe I’m the most ambitious member of the group because I can see myself speaking in front of large audiences. I hold myself in my highest vision.

Then I walked home by 5 and tonight I’m seeing a buddy to watch the Sens game.

Its game 4 between Ottawa and Boston and the series is 2-1 Ottawa coming into game 4.

After coming up to my place for a bit, we hit the road and head to his house to watch the game. On the way there he discussed with me his desire to put more hours into poker as he plays poker professionally. He wants to play more because online poker might not be viable to make large amounts of money in 5 years time. So he wants to maximize his gains in that 5 year window. I listen attentively and since he’s very self-aware he comes up with his own answers to some of his challenges and by listening I gave him the chance to repeat what he already knows to be true. Sometimes we need someone who will just listen and not say much, as this allows the person to come up with their own ideas and answers. I don’t usually share too much advice, unless I know 100% what I’m doing.

Me and my buddy are big into self-improvement and personal growth and have an interest in investing. So we talk about that kind of thing on the way to his place. Overall it was a great conversation.

We get in at 7 and watch the start of Toronto VS Washington and the Caps come up ahead 2-0 early with a rocket from Ovechkin. The Caps lead 4-1 after 1 period with the shots 19-6 at one point in the game for the Caps.

Then the Sens game starts and the first period was sloppy and both teams had chances but it was 0-0 after 1. In the 2nd Boston scored but the play was offside so it didn’t count. In the 3rd Erik Karlsson makes a sick pass to Bobby Ryan who buries his 3rd of the Series.

Sens win 1-0 and go up 3-1 in the series, and we hit the road to go back to my place.

My buddy and I talk about some cool books on the way back, one called Titans of Power by Tim Ferris, which is a book of geniuses. He lets me know he will lend it to me when he’s done and I’m looking forward to reading it. He also tells me he’s starting meditation and I say I use it sometimes. I personally do meditation to dissipate YANG energy when I have too much of it. He also tells me about a sensory deprivation tank which is a really hardcore meditation. Something I want to try one day. We decide we will hang out for another Sens game at some point in the near future!


I arrive home and work on my schedule at about 11 PM, then at midnight I go out for a 45 minute walk until I get tired. I then get back home and fall asleep and I wake up at 7 sharp on 4/20/17.

Until Next Time,

Angus Baynham-McColl


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