Notes From Angus On Following the Law of Non-Action

Sometimes in doing nothing, the universe has the space to answer the prayer for our greatest desire to be realized! 

If there is a need for something to manifest in your life, it will manifest – you don’t need to act unless you are inspired to act. 

Try and organize your life so that you only act from a place of effort that inspires you, there is no sense working towards a goal that is no longer inspiring. 

Sometimes the process can be challenging, and you may feel discouraged when you know you must persist, but that voice of persistence is a voice that derives from inspiration. 

So NEVER GIVE UP as long as the ultimate goal inspires you. 

But also accept that it’s not the goal you want, but the feeling you derive from the goal that you want. 

So part of your work is to embody the feeling of having already achieved the goal. Meanwhile you are doing your part and allowing God to do his part. 

When you have the inner feeling of the goal being accomplished already, you will have infinite patience because you aren’t working from a place of dissatisfaction. 

With Gratitude in your step, allow your heart to lead the way!

Angus Baynham-McColl


You Don’t Exist

What if I told you that your identity is a lie, and that there is no such thing as you?

What if the fake “I” told the conscious “IAM” that “I’m only an ego, I’m only a story and that life is merely a movie!”

What if I told you that you are nothing more than a story in your own head.

Without that story you are either nothing, or you are everything that consciousness touches. 

One thing that’s known for sure, is that enlightened consciousness is present in the here and now because consciousness is conscious that Angus Baynham-McColl is just part of the great story made up by consciousness. 

I’m nobody in this movie, just a spectator looking through the mind of Angus. I’m so into this movie I spend time thinking I exist in this movie as Angus, but I’m not Angus if I realize this:

I’m observing through Angus. 

My body is just something operated by a higher universal force (just like your body) and my true self is the consciousness watching it. 

I’m watching a movie, Angus is the main Character, God is the Director, and I’m the spectator.

What is your point of view in the movie?

Who is your favourite character?

Who are the heroes of your life, -and the villains?

When you pray to the director that your part goes your way does the director always answer?

Does coincidence guide your life?

What are the highlights of the movie you are watching? 

Did you know your in the movie so you can feel emotions and learn lessons. 

Life on movie Earth is the ultimate education and thrill ride. 

When you die you watch another movie from another characters point of view. But between those lives you get to watch your own life and decide what your next movie to watch will be. 

It’s interesting to know that we exist, but creation is self creating, we are the observers – the people are the actors. 

Angus Baynham-McColl