Feel Good and Good Things Happen! 

Here’s an analogy for you. 

The lens between your face and your life is your emotional state. 

The frame between your face and your life are your thought patterns and beliefs. 

We don’t see reality through the frame – we see through the lens – therefore our emotional state is paramount to how we function. 

If you feel like shit you will get shit. 

If you feel great you will get great. 

If you feel a bit of both, you will get a bit of both. 

My bottom line takeaway here is not to try to worry about how to get what you want, but to learn how to feel good on the inside so that good things will happen.

This means manifesting a good ego, confidence, self-esteem and awareness along with the delayed gratification that can only come with discipline. 

We all have feel good points, don’t spend them all in one place – be disciplined today and save them up for tomorrow! 

The more you feel good the better your winning streak will be!

Angus Baynham-McColl