Some of Warren Buffett’s Best Investment Advice I Have Heard so Far

Warren Buffett has a net worth of $74 Billion last time I checked, and he is a long term investor. This means that he prefers to buy and hold stocks rather than trade the stocks.

Warren Buffett said he “buys a stock with the assumption that the market could close for ten years.” 

This philosophy is the equivalent of marrying a low amount of businesses rather than taking a bunch of one night stands with hot stocks.
So once I have some money saved up to invest, I plan on investing with the Warren Buffet Philosophy.

Only buy businesses that you know will be successful, because as Buffett says, there are 2 rules. 1, Never lose money and 2, never forget rule number 1.

Also, buy a share as if your are buying the business and will own it for 50 years. If you aren’t sure about how good a business is or don’t know enough about its long term competitive advantage don’t invest.

If I had ten thousand bucks to invest I would buy all my shares in Coca Cola the moment their stock price hit a low. This would happen during a recession while everyone is panicking.  

Then I would hold onto it for 50 years. 

Angus Baynham-McColl